Andrew & Samantha

Come for the love. Stay for the party.





Thompson, PA

Property of Camp Bluestone

Camp Bluestone

1290 Stalker Hill Rd, Thompson, PA 18465

Our Story

How We Met

High school and Volkswagens.
We had one class together junior year; pretty sure it was maybe a math class or possibly study hall (we would talk and joke all the time) and we both also had Volkswagens. Andrews was this super nice shiny black lowered Jetta with shocker yellow wheels, all tinted out and mine was not as shiny but still nice black Passat (nothing special lol). Anywho, one day Andrew had texted me out of the blue, he had gotten my number from my friend, asking if I had the tools to remove the radio in his Jetta. I did have the tools, they were cut out of from an old credit card as my brother had just removed the radio from his Jetta weeks prior. After that we talked all the time, and started to hang out. Fast forward to November 2015, he finally asked me out and the rest is history!

The Proposal

August 31, 2019, Watkins Glen State Park - The day Samantha thought she was getting engaged...
nope, just a little adventure and hike Andrew wanted to do.

October 3, 2021, Prompton - The day Samantha wasn't expecting to get engaged.

Early that day Andrew asked "Wanna hike Elk Mountain? I heard the views are very nice around this time." I replied "Yes! That would be so much fun, we should bring Gus." After much debate and several outfit changes later, Gus-Gus was staying home and we were on our way. Now let me preface, not once did it go through my head that Andrew would be proposing, cause since August 2019 we had done many spur of the moment things that this day just seemed normal. We get to Elk; we start hiking up this mountain and realize that we are extremely out of shape. So after multiple water breaks, inhaler stops and an "are we almost there yet?"- we had made it to the top. Andrew had climbed to the top of one of the chairlifts taking in the view, I had tried but it just wasn't for me. We walked around for a bit taking in the view from all angles, we had eventually found a good one. I had noticed some rain clouds and said "probably should start heading back." To which Andrew replied "Can we at least get a photo together?" We snapped the picture and I said "okay, let's go!" and as I turned around to look at the view once more I see Andrew down on one knee asking "Will you marry me?". Since my mouth works faster than my brain my response was "Are you f****g kidding me?!"

So there’s the story! Obviously you know I had eventually said "yes" cause if not, you wouldn't be here reading this on our wedding website, silly goose.