Zakary & Bayley

We're Getting Married!





Battle Lake, MN

The Hideaway at Xanadu Island

35484 235th St., Battle Lake, MN 56515

Our Story

How We Met

We met each other online, through a popular dating app. Zak is originally from Minnesota, but at the time had just moved up to Oshkosh to assist his grandparents while Bayley was living in De Pere with her parents. Both of us were excited to meet and only talked online for a few days before meeting at Victoria’s in Appleton for dinner. We got the obligatory awkward hug out of the way, but after that there was nothing awkward about the date. Neither of us could tell you much about the food that night because we could not stop talking. Two days later we went on our second date where we talked about everything you could imagine. At the end of the second date, we decided there was no point in waiting to make it official. Now we are only months away from saying I do!

The Proposal

We got engaged on November 11th, 2022. Zak had previously made many attempts to visit Bayley’s parents to make clear his intentions, but they were often busy. Finally, Zak could meet with them. Zak was so excited after meeting with them that he came home and convinced Bayley to go on a walk. We gathered up our dogs, Baxter and Maggie, and headed for our favorite trail. Before we headed out the door Zak showed the ring to our roommate, Bayley’s sister, who he then told he would propose if it “felt right.”
As we were walking on the trail Zak was secretly looking for the best spot for the proposal and kept Bayley talking to keep her distracted. When he found the right spot, he handed Maggie to Bayley, who thought Zak was joking. Then, Zak got down on one knee and Bayley could not say “yes” fast enough. We are very excited to continue our story with all of you through our big day.