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September 24th, 2022

deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum

51 Sandy Pond Rd

Lincoln MA, 01773

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Our Story

How We Met

Julia and Bruce met on good ol' OkCupid in 2011. Their first date was on April 1st at the Cantab Lounge in Cambridge. Bruce pretended he didn't know where the cool bars were, as an intro, and Julia actually didn't know where the cool bars were but pretended that she did. After getting to know each other for a while amidst the loud chatter and music, Bruce said to Julia "do you dance?" Bruce pulled Julia onto the dance floor and that's when sparks really started to fly. At the end of the date, Bruce said to Julia "you were the highlight of my week," and Julia basically skipped to the T stop and cheerily took the red line home. About 6 months later, Julia asked Bruce to move in with her, just for a little bit, and to please not move back to South Carolina. They've been living together and totally in love ever since.

The Proposal

Julia and Bruce decided that they were likely life partners a very long time ago, and have been through all of the highs and lows together. They know they can make it through anything. They made their engagement official in Hawaii in 2019, which is where they went for their first vacation together in 2012. They married by way of private ceremony in Rockport, MA in June 2021. They can't wait to celebrate and dance up a storm with friends and family who have supported their relationship over the years.