Zak & Sarah

We’re Getting Married!





Hamburg, NY

Lindsay Robinson Photography

The Legacy on Eighteenmile Creek

6653 Taylor Rd, Hamburg, NY 14075

Our Story

How We Met

Zak and Sarah both met in a study hall in summer school back in July of 2012. Sarah didn’t have much of an interest other than to just be friends; Zak was a different story. Zak asked out Sarah a few times during that summer and nothing came out of it other than growing to be really close friends.

Zak and Sarah both entered freshman year of high school together as friends but that’s when it started to click. Later that month is when we decided to make it official.

Here they are over a decade later as true High School Sweethearts.

The Proposal

Zak and Sarah took a weekend vacation to Boston in October of 2021. After a 7 hour car ride that ate Zak alive, he knew he couldn’t wait any longer.

After getting to their room in the hotel, Sarah suggested taking a walk around the hotel to check it out but after she used the bathroom.
Once Sarah stepped out of the bathroom and turned the corner Zak was standing there and gave her a hug. Zak’s heart was beating so fast that it got her concerned. After asking, “what’s wrong!?” Zak simply said, “I couldn’t wait any longer” and got down on a knee.

The magic question followed which led us here!