Alex & Skylar

We’re Getting Married!



Skylar Schachtschneider


Moorhead, MN

Rustic Oaks

12155 3rd St S, Moorhead, MN 56560

Our Story

How We Met

In August 2020, Alex came home on leave from the Marine Corps to attend his brother’s graduation party. During this two-week period, Alex found himself back home, eager to spend time with friends. One evening, they all decided to go out for a meal, and it was during these casual gatherings that Alex and Skylar first connected. The chemistry between them became evident as they engaged in lively conversations at the restaurant.

As Alex returned to Camp Lejeune, the two kept in touch, exchanging words and building a connection despite the physical distance. When Alex returned home for Christmas, Skylar and Alex began hanging out more frequently, deepening their bond within their social circle.

It wasn’t long before Alex took the initiative and invited Skylar on a date to Pixeled, marking the beginning of their romantic journey. Even with Alex’s return to Camp Lejeune, their connection continued to grow. Skylar, showing her commitment, went to visit Alex at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. It was during this visit that Alex, captivated by Skylar’s presence, mustered the courage to ask her out officially, solidifying the start of their romantic relationship.

The Proposal

On the occasion of Alex and Skylar's two-year anniversary, the couple decided to celebrate with a special evening. They chose to dine at McKenzie River, one of Skylar's favorite restaurants, savoring the flavors of a memorable meal together. Following their dinner, they indulged in some sweet treats, enjoying ice cream to cap off the delightful evening.

As they returned home, Skylar, responsible for watching a friend's dog, took the furry companion out for a walk. Little did she know that this ordinary night would turn into an extraordinary moment. Upon returning to the living room, Skylar was met with a heartwarming surprise – Alex, down on one knee, ready to make a significant and heartfelt gesture.