Weven Event Season Kickoff & Party

Closed Won.

Weven Event Season Kickoff

Mar 31st, 2022

At The Merchant

Boston, Massachusetts

The Merchant

60 Franklin Street

Boston MA, 02110

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Our Story

How We Met

For a long time, it was just Right Brain. She was trendy, creative, playful and full of ideas. Visions of nontraditional event venues swam through her half mind every day. But she was not complete. For two years, she lived knowing something was missing. Structure. Data. Pre-filled forms in smart templates. Venue-specific Information. A repeatable revenue model. Checklists that were dynamic and based on her needs, not those of others; specific to the events she was envisioning, the seasons, her guests counts, budget and the amount of time until her event. It was almost as if she was missing her other half. The ying, to her yang.

That's when she met him. Left Brain. It was online at a virtual business summit talking about pivots, SaaS and fintech. His name was Left Brain. It was as if they were destined for each other. It was love at first sight. Love at first thought you might say. From there on things would be forever changed. He was not just your average CRM number cruncher dork. He was venue specific. And not only did that make him cooler than the other CRMs she had met, it made him better. Because he was there for her, nobody else.

Left Brain was all about geographic and preference based parameters, organization, logistics, workflows (coming soon?) and he cared about things like billing and analytics. On paper, they were not the same but it was that difference, it was that ability to connect across and leverage the things that made each other unique in a shared collaborative and online work space easily accessible to their friends and vendors, that they realized, they were meant for one another.

The relationship really blossomed during COVID when they had more time to focus on becoming the best versions of themselves, not dealing with so many events. First came the. Some might say that initially, they were rather transactional. And, being honest with themselves, sometimes open rates were low. The two half brains were still finding the perfect way to work together. Such change can take time and is not with up and down months. But eventually the emails became more personalized and read receipts showed that neither half brain had ever actually ghosted the other. Working together more the left brain and right brain moved in together. Then came contracts, legal docs, uploading floor plans and of course paying the rent. Soon enough Left Brain started to ask Right Brain to pay for things like a security deposit or maybe a new amenity, and the way he could automatically remind her and she could seamless connect her bank account made it feel so natural, so easy. It was almost how it was meant to be.

By this point it was clear, Left Brain was everything Right Brain needed. BUT just as importantly, if not more importantly, Right Brain was everything that Left Brain needed. Together they were whole and apart they were just like the many other half brains trying to survive in a busy world and differentiate themselves in an endless race to disconnected solutions with poor customer service. You see, alone neither one of these half brains could change an industry or transform the way venue owners run their businesses or loved ones gain confidence to plan and celebrate the most important day of their lives! But, together, Right Brain and Left Brain changed the game and created something so beautiful, it began to shake the foundations of an ancient industry to its core.

The Proposal

The initial proposal was just a monthly contract for $149, but after getting activated and realizing they could commit more completely to one another, they decided to upgrade to Grow with an annual discount for $2388/year.

They are looking forward to many renewals from here!! Maybe even adding another venue or two to their contract when the time is right ;-)