Stephen & Vanessa





Middleborough, MA

The Barn on Benson’s Pond

at The Barn on Benson’s Pond

6 Pine St, Middleborough, MA 02346

Our Story

How We Met

Some people meet at work. Other people meet at a bar. We met in my least favorite place in the world: high school gym class.

So right away, he’d already seen me at my worst. Not the most romantic of beginnings.

We’d lived in the same town, gone to the same schools, and participated in the same band class for years, without ever saying a word to one another. Barely a friend of a friend of a friend.

Until gym class, and a couple of mutual friends changed that. Then came group hangouts at Honey Dew (as you do when you’re broke high school students), until one fateful day when everyone else was busy but the two of us. Several hours and a couple of free donuts later, I’d realized we’d sort of, kind of, accidentally, been on a date.

A few on-purpose dates later, and we were officially a couple.

Fast forward through colleges in different states, happy times, sad times, unprecedented times, and here we are! Trying to figure out how to sum up a relationship that started when we were basically kids, that’s led to me marrying my best friend.

Long story short: we’re high school sweet hearts.


The Proposal

The proposal is not that interesting


Yes it is.