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September 10th, 2022

The Barn at Farrington Hollow

7495 Farrington Hollow Rd

Cherry Creek NY, 14723

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Our Story

How We Met

Spring of 2018, Abigail’s cousin Jake, and his wife, Emily, made mention of “neighbor Nick”. Nick was quite literally, a neighbor. All it took was a dinner date with Emily's homemade chili and a little push. Through the summer, Abigail spent her day's on Farrington Hollow studying for college and would wait for Nick to get home from work. The two spent their afternoons and weekends grilling many dinners, mowing the lawn, & meeting each others friends and family before they finally decided to make it official. Soon thereafter, they upgraded their summers with a camper and in November of 2020, they bought their first home on Farrington Hollow.

The Proposal

September 11, 2020, Abigail and Nick went to their favorite camping place - Benezette, PA. Their friends and family kept a secret so Nick could get on one knee at Abigail’s favorite scenic spot. They had friends watching from afar honking their horns with excitement, while others were sneaking pictures! What a day it was, one they’ll never forget - Benezette will forever be one of their favorite places to visit.