Madison & Anthony


Madison Gueits
Anthony Vasapolli

Jul 22nd, 2023

At Plan Bee Farm Brewery

Poughkeepsie, New York

Plan Bee Farm Brewery

115 Underhill Rd

Poughkeepsie NY, 12603

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Our Story

How We Met

Anthony & Madi est 6.23.11

The Proposal

Just a short drive from the Arizona Renaissance Festival, a well loved favorite where Madi can sit with the Eucalyptus Trees and Anthony can hike a mountain. A long walk, following a picnic, ending 15 minutes before closing. At the foot of the founders winter home, a knee, a question. . .you get the gist. Two days later we picked up our friend at the airport and drive up to Sedona. We found out that Sedona is a food desert {Mc Donalds closes at 9pm along with everything else in driving range}, spent a lovely treat-yo-self Valentines Day at our airbnb, (read: HOW SWEET), saw some wild hogs, drank chai, and hiked to the Seven Sacred Pools. It suddenly began to snow as soon as we walked off the path to take photos—promptly stopping after we were done, of course!

(hear: Frank Sinatra’s Witchcraft swell in the background)
Thanks to all of our family for helping coordinate and make this whole thing possible before the end of 2023!
Love it when a plan comes together🖤

Boyce Thompson Arboretum est 1924
Founded by Col. William Boyce Thompson in the early 1920s. Thompson, enamored with the landscape around Superior, built a winter home overlooking Queen Creek, the Picket Post House. In 1924 he founded the Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research in Yonkers, New York (now at Cornell University in Ithaca), and the Boyce Thompson Arboretum on 400 acres around the Picket Post House, in Queen Creek Canyon.

Seven Sacred Pools
Rain water that collects in the pools is all that remains of the perennial stream that once ran thru the Red Rock Wilderness