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March 20th, 2024

The Cabins on Strawberry Hill

5306 N. Highway 87

Strawberry AZ, 85544

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Our Story

How We Met

After hardly knowing each other for an entire year in the same independent drumline program, they found themselves at the same get together after a hard day of rehearsal. The night went on per usual and as everyone faded throughout the night, it was just the two of them, along with a handful of peers hanging around the same fire. She was across the flames from him, in her own head, seemingly alone. Something about her kept his eyes glued, without being to obvious of course, but he could not stop glancing. She just completely overtook his view as if there was nothing else present.

As the night grew thin, he mustard up the confidence to commit to an intelligent conversation with this stranger. From this moment fourth, they were inseparable. From roaming the streets of Phoenix without a wandering clue of how the day would go, all the way to going through every early relationship awkward encounter of meeting each other's family. They stuck together and let nothing overcome the potential they saw in each other.

After 11 years, (yes 11 years) he FINALLY proposed. Looking to the future, they will never forget the passion that has been engrained and carried in their hearts, just as when they were kids.

The Proposal

On a trip to Wisconsin to see her Aunt Dawn get married, he was planning something that only 5 people knew about, the proposal. During the reception after cocktail hour, it was time to cut the cake. This was when his plan began to draw closer to reality. It was time for The Bouquet Toss.

When the bride threw the bouquet, Chennel was staged right up front as if she had the highest chance to catch the bouquet. Suddenly, up goes the bouquet, out comes Angel from behind all of the gathered women, he knelt down on one knee before Chennel knew what hit her. The room was in awe, quickly putting together what was happening. Then it happened, he asked her to be soulmates forever.
The night just gained 1 more circumstance to celebrate and she, all teared up, said, "Yes."