Tracy & Jason

Tracy Lukasiewicz
Jason Gose

Aug 17th, 2024

At The Cabins on Strawberry Hill

Strawberry, Arizona

The Cabins on Strawberry Hill

5306 N. Highway 87

Strawberry AZ, 85544

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Our Story

How We Met

Jason and I were "strongly encouraged" to become hiking buddies by our close friends. We finally met a couple months later, and after working up the courage, I asked Jason to hike the Flatiron peak in east Phoenix. For those who don't know, this is one of the most difficult hikes in Phoenix (see picture above), and I figured this would be the best way to see if we were compatible. Lucky for me, Jason is always up for a challenge and everything from then on was a piece of cake.

The Proposal

We had planned a big trip to Italy to visit family and explore the country with friends. At the end of the trip we visited northern Italy, or more specifically the Dolomites, which is a beautiful place in the Alps. Due to some unforeseen rain, our plans got shifted around and we ended up taking a calmer hike around a glacial lake on our second to last day. In typical Jason and Tracy fashion we went off trail to explore and Jason scoped out his spot to propose. At the top of a large rocky wash looking down on the bright blue lake (see photos) we sat enjoying our picnic of cheese and beer when he got down on one knee. Now here we are!