Tori & Antonio


Tori Sullivan
Antonio Williams

Nov 29th, 2024

At Strawberry Manor

Ponchatoula, Louisiana

Strawberry Manor

1690 Veterans Ave

Ponchatoula LA, 70454

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Our Story

How We Met

Antonio’s version-
When me and tori met it wasn’t like a place or anything like that we kinda just knew of each other and somehow I got her snap and I was trying to hang with her for a while and she was playing games so the one day we was finally about to hang she said i don’t think I’m going to be able to hangout because I have my son and I told her mannnnnnn if u don’t come hangout with me today ima block u and she came of course haha and the rest is history.

Tori’s version-
We met in summer of 2020 and started off hanging out casually. We decided early on to just be friends. I was a new mom and Hayden was only 6 months old! Antonio wasn’t looking for anything serious. He specifically told me NOT to catch feelings. But as we all know, love comes when you least expect it. The more we hung out, the better we got to know each other. We eventually faced the facts and acknowledged that what we had was real… we decided to go for it and here we are three years later. Antonio is my best friend and my biggest supporter and I cannot wait to be his wife.