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October 13th, 2023

Stone Ridge Hollow

914 Walters Mill Road

Forest Hill MD, 21050

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Our Story

How We Met

When we first met each other, can you believe that we were not too fond of each other?! We both worked at a movie theater, Hoyt's, and worked separate shifts for months. Krystal worked primarily weekends and Matt worked mostly weekdays. Eventually, Matt had to change his schedule when he started baseball in the spring to accommodate for practices and games. One night, Krystal saw Matt working in the back and thought that he was a new employee and tried giving advice (very like Krystal). Little did Krystal know, Matt had worked their months before they met. Matt brushed her off and would later admit that he felt indifferent about her until they met again during a group outing. Matt asked for Krystal's phone number so that they and other employees could plan the next group activity. It wasn't long until Krystal and Matt went on their first date, and later invited each other to one another's senior proms.

The Proposal

Matt and Krystal went on a day trip with their friends to New York City. Every year, they had a tradition to travel to New York City and explore different locations. On this particular day, they went to breakfast and walked around Central Park. It started to rain and at the time, Krystal noticed Matt become nervous, but assumed that it was because they had planned to be outside for majority of the day. She tried to reassure him that everything will be okay and that they would have a great day no matter what. While walking around Central Park, their friend offered to take pictures since she is an inspiring photographer. Hindsight: Matt had planned a specific spot to take pictures, but Krystal was wearing white shoes and it was too muddy (sorry!!). Instead, they were walking down a perfect and secluded path for Matt to propose. Krystal's friend directed both of them to turn around. Then, Krystal was told to turn back around and that is when she saw Matt down on one knee with a ring box in his hand. After 8 years together, it finally happened and it was perfect!