Tonian & Eric

We’re Getting Married!





Ionia, MI

Applewood Farms

579 E Parmeter Rd, Ionia, MI 48846

Our Story

How We Met

They met in high school! Eric asked Tonian to their senior prom in chalk outside of the dance studio where she worked. This ended up being their first time hanging out. They were inseparable from that point on. They moved in together after a year. Got a house year four. They did long distance for 6 months. Had their first son Cayson in June of 2018. Moved to Ohio for almost a year. Had their second son Kingston in April of 2021. They've continued growing their life together for almost 10 years and can't wait to make it official!

The Proposal

Eric remade is "promposal" and asked Tonian to marry him in chalk outside of the same building as the old dance studio. He brought in a couple of Tonian's friends to put together a flash mob that included her competition team members. He had all of their family friends there to celebrate!