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September 21st, 2024

Camp Bluestone

1290 Stalker Hill Rd

Thompson PA, 18465

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Our Story

The Proposal

It was Christmas Eve and of course things didn’t go quite as planned. The golden retriever pups came down with a belly sickness and were pretty down for the count when it came to participation. When Ryan tried to convince me that the reason he was putting ribbons around Karsyn and Kelcey’s necks were for pictures it was a little suspicious but I went along with it! As I was in our living room trying to get the dogs to get up off of the couch for this picture, Ryan was setting up his phone, hitting record, and getting down to the real reason and he proposed. The setting was perfect for a girl who hates attention and the dogs participated by sitting on the couch and watching the entire thing play out. Ryan followed up the proposal by planning a surprise breakfast with all of our immediate family.