Taylor & Alexander

Our Forever <3

Taylor Zylstra
Alexander Ingersoll

Nov 23rd, 2024

At Studio D2D

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Studio D2D

401 Hall Street SW, Suite 121

PO Box 80

Grand Rapids MI, 49503

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Our Story

How We Met

Our story began at the Fruitport High School Prom in 2016 when we were introduced by a mutual friend. After making a connection, military service and a life changing car accident caused our lives to drift in different directions. 5 years later, a drunk text at 3 AM brought us back together and the rest was history! It didn't take long for the first "I love you" and "Mom, Dad, I think they might be the one". A little over two years later and here we are!

The Proposal

The proposal was a bright spot on a rainy day where it seemed nothing would go right. Between changing plans due to the weather, experiencing some horrible hot chocolate, correcting wrong food orders, and spotting the photography crew before the proposal, we finally had our moment on the Blue Bridge with a backdrop of downtown Grand Rapids. Everything came full circle, as this was also a spot we visited on one of our first dates.