Two flames become one

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September 10th, 2023

Twin Oaks Barn

6644 Cornwallis Road

Garner NC, 27529

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Our Story

How We Met

At 19 years old, Halim had just ventured across the country with his brother and was living with a lifelong friend and his sister (4 people in a 2-bedroom apartment, you can imagine). This sister attended community college at Pierce in Lakewood, where Savannah also attended. Savannah, 18, became friends with the woman rooming with Halim while performing in a musical. When she went to her home and met this group of boys, friendships were formed. For Savannah and Halim, friendship turned into more. Eventually Halim's close friend asked, "so when are you two just going to start dating already?" To which Halim and Savannah looked at each other, smiled, shrugged, and said "I guess that makes sense..." or something along those lines. And just like everything else in their relationship, it did just "make sense."

The Proposal

After being together for around 8 years and having a deep love and friendship with one another, the proposal began and ended with a conversation that can be surmised again with "Yes, we just make sense." The wedding is planned for Savannah & Halim's 10-year anniversary.