Katy & Brandon

Forever Together

Katy Tamayo
Brandon Galindo

Mar 22nd, 2024

At Paramount's Meyer Ballroom

Aurora, Illinois

Paramount's Meyer Ballroom

8 East Galena Blvd.

Aurora IL, 60506

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Our Story

How We Met

We met at the grandest place in all of Chicagoland….the grocery store. More particularly, Jewel-Osco which we both still work at, whether or not it’s best for our mental health is still to be decided. We interacted a fair amount there & over time it developed into a friendship and then very quickly into something else entirely. A friendship founded on laughter and joy morphed into a relationship filled with even more laughter and smiles. We would spend hours in the parking lot after work just talking and enjoying each others company until it was suddenly 2am and we had to stay on the line with the other person to make sure they got home okay. It doesn’t sound very romantic but the grocery store really was what brought us together & we do owe a fair amount of our story to it.

The Proposal

We rarely go on trips away from each other so when she had to drive up to Maryland to drop Sammy (our dog) off at her mom’s I knew it was the perfect time. I secretly hid some things I ordered from Amazon for her mom to see when she got Sammy. I laid rose pedals all throughout the house and spelled out marry me on our bed. When she got home I FaceTimed her mom who had dressed up Sammy with a shirt that said “will you marry my dad” and led her to the bedroom where she read the message and cried with elation. I couldn’t imagine how it was going to go but it was better than I could have ever expected seeing my soon to be wife so happy. I got down on one knee and gave her the ring she will wear for the rest of our lives together.