Syd & Adam


Syd Kost
Adam Mackley

Sep 9th, 2023

At The Hideaway at Xanadu Island

Battle Lake, Minnesota

The Hideaway at Xanadu Island

35484 235th St.

Battle Lake MN, 56515

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Our Story

How We Met

Centuries ago, back in 2018, Adam and Syd met on the mysterious dating website Tinder. They both kept ghosting each other whenever they realized they had nothing interesting to say about themselves. Eventually, Adam asked Syd what kind of emo bands she likes, and they hit it off.

The two then began talking over the phone almost every night while they lived long distance. (Syd was in Aberdeen and Adam was in Fargo.) When Syd had an opportunity to visit Fargo, she asked Ad if he would like to go on a date. Adam said “yes!”

The two lovebirds met up at Barnes and Noble and roamed the aisles. When Syd first saw Adam in person, she walked away because she thought he was too cute and Adam ran after her. The two then went to Gooseberry Park with the intention of feeding frozen peas to local geese. Unfortunately, there were no geese, so the two just threw peas off the bridge that was nearby. The two had an instant connection and feeling of security with each other.

About 2 months later, Ad asked Syd if they wanted to “change the label of their relationship” and become an official couple. Syd said “yes!”
Eventually, Syd moved back up to Moorhead, the two got a townhouse together, and they adopted two cats. Their cats’ names are Seamus and Tilly.

The Proposal

After about 4 years of dating, Ad took Syd back to Gooseberry Park, where they had their first date, and proposed to her. Once again, She said Yes!