Faith & Spencer

We’re Getting Married!





Moorhead, MN

Rustic Oaks

12155 3rd St S, Moorhead, MN 56560

Our Story

How We Met

Our first encounter with each other occurred while I was Facetiming a mutual friend and showed “particular interest” in the girl who was standing in the background. Of course, over facetime, everyone in the room (including ‘that girl’, Faith) heard it.
We met for the first time (in person) while I was still living at Weetown outside of Fergus Falls, with my roommate Ben Smith. I invited Faith over so that we could officially meet. Faith showed up with her dog Milo, it was clear right away that we all got along really well. However, Milo and my dog, Oakley, DID NOT!
Afterwards, I took Faith to my parents house to meet the family. Much to my dismay, when Faith met my mom and sister Morgan in the driveway, Morgan said “I like this one, you should keep her!” Carrie laughed. Morgan laughed. Faith Laughed. I was mortified!
Shortly after, my family invited Faith to the Vikings and Seahawks Game. It was our first extended time with family, and I was in love with the fact my family was more excited to spend time with Faith than I was. That was a very pivotal moment for me. There’s a picture Morgan took of Faith and I holding hands on the sidewalk. In that picture, it was clear to everyone BESIDES me, that this is a lifelong connection. We both cherish that picture greatly. That was the first of many long road trips that Faith & I took with each other. Starting with Winnipeg, then Texas, and a 36-hour (that should’ve been 26 hour) road trip to North Carolina to help Faith’s parents move from ND to NC. When you can spend 16 hours in a car with someone twice in a week, and still be friends after, that’s how you know it’s special.
Looking back at how far Faith and I have come, we both agree that we would’ve never married the person we met at Weetown. However, on October 19th, after years of communication, hard discussions, and growing with each other, we decided that we could not live the rest of our lives without one another.

The Proposal

On October 19th, 2023, Faith and I added a new and exciting chapter to our love story. After almost a year of planning and scheming, I took Faith to a restaurant in Minneapolis where we had our first date ever. Much to Faith’s surprise, I had my parents and Morgan hiding behind a tree, facetiming her parents, and getting it all on video. I also informed Faith that the next day, we would be flying out to spend the weekend with her parents. Then, just when Faith thought I was all out of surprises, I played an audio for her of Pops (Faith’s grandpa) giving me his blessing before he passed away.