Danielle & Clinton

Forever and Always

Danielle Steward
Clinton Sharp

Dec 28th, 2025

At Paramount's Meyer Ballroom

Aurora, Illinois

Paramount's Meyer Ballroom

8 East Galena Blvd.

Aurora IL, 60506

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Our Story

How We Met

We both attended the same high school, I was a grade higher than CJ but the first time I seen him was in the world cultures classroom taught by Mr.Williams. I would go in during my study hall period and help grade papers and one day as I’m waiting there I see CJ. 2011 me would never have the courage to talk to him. Fast forward to 2021. I was sitting at home and scrolling through Facebook when I came across his account. I decided to add him because one of two things would happen. Either we would talk and become friends or not. Couple months go by and I liked one of his reels he shared (he will tell you I sent him five hearts) the next day he ended up liking an old picture you’d have to scroll through my account to find so I knew he was looking. I mustered up the guts to send him a message first and from that day on December 5th we have talked every day with fail.

The Proposal

After one of the greatest years I could ask for we decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day early due to both of our work schedules. Had a great dinner and the whole night CJ was acting a bit odd. When we got home I was ready to go inside and out of the cold when CJ went around to the other side of the car to “check” things out since we had just fixed it. CJ calls for me to come look at something that is “wrong” with the car and instead I find him on one knee in the driveway ring in hand. I don’t even believe I actually said yes, all I remember was crying and asking “are you sure!?”…CJ has given me everything and anything I could have asked for in a man and more. Truly is a gift.