Are Getting Married.

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August 10th, 2024

Grand Pend Oreille

6201 Le Clerc Road South

Newport WA, 99156

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Our Story

How We Met

Like most people recently we met online. We talked for a couple days and then decided to meet in person for a quick Sunday afternoon lunch and that short lunch date turned into hours of talking and a cold winter walk.

The Proposal

We had planned a trip to Iceland for May of 2023 which ended up being our due date so we moved the trip back to February. We rented a car and did a big 1600 mile road trip around the island in winter and it was incredible. Some scary weather days but overall the most beautiful and striking countryside either of us has seen! Really the only thing we had booked was a glacier tour where we got to walk inside a glacier toward the end of our trip. Leading up to the glacier tour Eric kept telling me this is going to be "the best day ever" not really knowing what he was talking about would roll my eyes most times he would say that. Little did I know he was right!