Rene & John

Forever Together

Rene Solem
John Barber

Sep 22nd, 2022

At The Barn at Farrington Hollow

Cherry Creek, New York

The Barn at Farrington Hollow

7495 Farrington Hollow Rd

Cherry Creek NY, 14723

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Our Story

How We Met

Over 4 years ago two people decided that they were ready to find someone that wanted to put in the same effort that they were ready to give and put themselves out there. John made the first contact, however as we all know how stubborn and reluctant Rene can be she waited weeks to respond. John tried again and finally Rene responded in true guarded fashion. John was persistent in saying that he just wanted to take her out. Rene finally agreed and they began talking. The first time they met John swears he knew that Rene was the woman he’d always been looking for because she brought him food and had her fishing rods with her “just in case” there was time to fish throw a few lines and he’s been hooked every since.

The Proposal

John picked out the engagement with their kids. He had to have Jillian hold on to it because it was burning a hole in his pocket. Finally one day in the house that they had been working day and night to make a family home John gathered the kids and he got down on one knee and asked for Rene to be his forever love.