Marie & Lukas

We're Tying the Knot!





New Richmond, WI

Oehme Oasis

New Richmond, WI 54017

Our Story

How We Met

We reconnected after high school with Lukas moving back to Hammond after buying his first house and Marie moving back to Roberts to transfer colleges. We quickly became each other's best friend. Many weekends have been spent at the lake, riding snowmobile, and spending time with family. With so many mutual friends, no one knows how we couldn't have met earlier!

The Proposal

You guessed it, we were riding snowmobile in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The route was planned to stop at the scenic overlook known as "The Lake of the Clouds." Marie, Lukas, Brain, Spencer, and Ben parked the sleds, and walked up the trail to the overlook. It was quite foggy being near Lake Superior so we had to use our imaginations to think of what could be out there. To Marie's surprise, she turned around and Lukas was down on one knee. After many hugs (and tears) the trip turned out to be one of a lifetime and something we will always remember.