Shelby & Orlando

We are finally getting married!





Weatherford, TX

Tuscan Oaks Estate

109 Otto Road, Weatherford, TX 76087

Our Story

How We Met

Orlando & Shelby met on the last day of freshmen year of high school. Orlando was lost and didn't know what bus to get on, so Shelby invited him to come and sit with her. They lost touch over the summer but ran into each other again in sophomore year of high school in an after-school tutor session in Coach Grohman's class. Soon it was NYE 2011, and they were at a bonfire at Orlando's house where Orlando officially asked Shelby to be his girlfriend (he also confessed he was already in love with her!). They have been inseparable ever since.

The real story from Orlando's Point-Of-View.
(This account provides a confident and detailed representation of the events)

I was the most popular guy at my school. After receiving my last award for the year, I had plans with my teammates to grab a bite to eat after school, but sadly, my friends were having car trouble and they wouldn't be able to get me, so I didn't have a ride home. Then I heard someone shouting towards me, "Hey you! Yeah, you come on the bus!". I thought, 'Who does this girl think she is talking to?'. I looked around and found no one was on the curb, but me. The buses were about to leave, and my friends weren't coming to get me. I decided to get on the bus with the shouting girl. It was full of dweeby kids, and they all wanted to talk to me, but I ignored them and walked straight to the seat that had my future wife, Shelby. I had met her earlier that day, on the last day of 9th grade. She had been in the gym with her friends, the Mexican kids from middle school. She couldn't understand them or what they were saying and even looked out of place, but she had a smile on her face and looked like she was having fun, so I was intrigued and asked one kid sitting next to me who that girl was, and he told me she was Shelby. I then asked him why she was sitting with all the Mexicans. He couldn't or wouldn't answer my question, so I proceeded to move closer to Shelby and her friends to hear what they were saying. As I got closer, I could hear that she had broken my friend's heart, which made me like her more. She ended up spotting me and asking me to translate for her. After a bit of back-and-forth she asked me for my name I didn't relinquish that information right away since I am a man with morals. I told her my name be continued at the wedding.

The Proposal

Orlando officially asked Shelby to marry him NYE 2020 at the stroke of midnight. Shelby then proposed to Orlando on their 10th Valentine's Day together in 2021.