Shaun & Stephanie


Shaun McKesson
Stephanie Gibbons

Jul 12th, 2024

At Treehouse Point

Issaquah, Washington

Treehouse Point

6922 Preston-Fall City Rd SE

Issaquah WA, 98027

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Our Story

How We Met

We met on a camping trip with mutual friends in 2008. Thank you Benji for putting that trip together or we would have never even known each other existed. It was a whirlwind weekend that ended up being the beginning to what would become a lifelong romance. As most of you know we didn't last forever the first time we dated. We were young and both had things to go through in life separately before the universe believed we had grown enough to be appreciative of a true partnership. And we are both so grateful to have been brought back into each others lives when we did years later. Even during the time we were not in a relationship, we maintained a friendship and respect for one another that nothing could tear apart.

The Proposal

Completely unexpected and magical in Costa Rica at sunset on the beach. Dreamy much?!
We were enjoying dinner on the beach in Costa Rica for Shaun's 40th birthday. Our intimate conversation led to the realization that we wanted to spend our lives even more committed to each other, and Shaun proposed at that very moment. No ring, no plan and perfect in every way. ❤️