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July 15th, 2023

The Mansion of Saratoga

801 NY-29

Rock City Falls NY, 12863

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How We Met

When you reach a certain place in your life, magic seems to disappear. The idea of lightning striking or love at first sight seems to wane with your belief in fairytales, Santa Claus and no hangover after $2 margs at Applebees. So on Halloween 2021, dressed as Winifred Sanderson, at my best friend's house (one she had just moved into that July), when a neighbor asked if I was single because I would be PERFECT for his brother-in-law... I thought nothing of it. As the weeks and months passed, from time to time, I would get a Saturday night text from that same best friend, saying Sam's brother is here, you really should meet him. Similarly, he was being told about me and how he should meet me.
Finally, the night of my nephew's birthday party, April 23rd, there was a dealer tag parked on Princeton Drive and I knew who it belonged to, the guy that my best friend had been saying for months that I should meet. Even though I was seeing someone at the time, I walked in and immediately said "so who's 4runner is that parked outside?" and accross the room there he was, still wearing his dress shirt, slacks and loosened tie from work. "That'd be me... " he said... I didn't know it yet, but that was where my fairytale began.