Shalixa & Kevon

We’re Getting Married!





Norwood, MA

Romantic Ballroom Wedding Venue:  Anthony Niccoli Photography

Tiffany Ballroom

1125 Boston-Providence Turnpike (Rte. 1), Norwood, MA 02062

Our Story

How We Met

We met online on a dating app. Kevon had liked my profile first and I in turn liked his profile and messaged him giving him my number (since i didnt have the full subscription lol) and told him he could call me if he would like. Of course he did call after he got out of work that evening and we spoke for hours on the phone. the next morning and everyday after not a day wouldn't go by without him sending a good morning text and calling me through out the day to see how my day was and if i ate etc. Having it be my first encounter with online dating i was very hesitant on meeting up in person because the world is crazy. One day i told him send me your address so of course he does and I do a drive by lol. i call him and tell him come out side and we went to a local bar to sit and chat (that way in case he was crazy there would be witnesses and i could run lol). From that day forward i made it a point to meet him outside his house and talk. couple weeks later we went out on our first date to Eddie Merlot restaurant. Of course I was looking amazing. people kept coming up to us to tell us how cute of a couple we were. We pretty much seen each other everyday from our first date. We both introduced our families to each other ( his family being in Jamaica i meet them via what's app video) early on in our relationship. My main concern was making sure he was good with Kymani and Kymani liked him. From early it became apparent that they both loved each other. There was nothing Kevon wouldn't do for Kymani. he was patient and loving towards him that Kymani would tell Kevon he loves him, ask for him as soon as he woke up and call him dad or tell anyone who ask he would say "that's my dad". In January 2024 are family expanded as we welcomed our son Kevon Jr.

The Proposal

In March of 2023 we went to the restaurant, Eddie Merlot where we had our first date. My family, along with Kevon's friend Donald was there being that it was restaurant week so we had all planned to go out. At the end of the dinner as we were all getting our dessert. My dessert came out with my engagement ring placed inside the cake. Me not knowing a thing, Kevon popped the question and I gladly accepted. Our Faith, goals and willingness to have each others back and build and grow is what makes our love story ours. He is everything i needed in my life and I am everything he needed in his. -The Baileys