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June 15th, 2024

The Barn at Graver's Tree Farm

841 Dairy Rd

Tamaqua PA, 18252

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Our Story

How We Met

Jake and Rebecca met in October, 2019. Like many young people, they met using a dating app. Jake was so smitten with Rebecca that he was willing to drive 50 minutes to their first date at Beers of the World in Exton, Pennsylvania. Ironically, Jake let Rebecca pick out the location of their first date, and if you know Rebecca, well, then you know that she doesn't actually like drinking beer, but the two hit it off anyway. Since then, the two moved in together in 2020 and bought a house together in September, 2022.

The Proposal

Jake proposed to Rebecca in August, 2022, in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. The two were on vacation with Jake’s family, and on the second to last day of their vacation, Jake and Rebecca woke up early to watch the sunrise. This is a very odd occurrence, since Jake’s preferred wake up time is usually after 11 am, but Rebecca was very excited to see the sunrise because Isla Mujeres' southern tip (Punta Sur) is famous for being the first place the sun touches in Mexico when it rises. The couple arrived at Punta Sur about 10 minutes before the sun was due to rise. Jake was so eager that he was not able to wait the 10 minutes for the sunrise. As the first rays of the sun were just touching the horizon, Jake got down on one knee and asked Rebecca to marry him. Rebecca was also very excited and did not let Jake finish his sentence before saying, "YES!"