Jessica & Hunter

We Are Getting Married





New Lebanon, NY

Married.  Photo by Dear Edith and Lily

The Ruins at Sassafras

194 Darrow Road, New Lebanon, NY 12125

Our Story

How We Met

Hunter and I knew each other our junior and senior year of high school. At the time we really were not friends we just passed each other while with some mutual friends. After high school I left for the Marine Corps while Hunter prused a career as an arborist! During the next few years we lived our day to day lives without any contact. One day Hunter had done some work for my father Patrick. My dad thought he could try and set us up without me knowing, but my sister told me about it and I totally was grossed out and said no way, LOL! Well to my surprise I got out of the Marine Corps and on my drive home, Hunter had messaged me to hang out. I didn't think anything of it, we really wern't friends so I thought I'd give him a chance. After maybe two days of hanging out, I eventially moved in! Now here we are over three and a half years later we have a beautiful boy and are getting married!