Katie & Seth

A Love Written In The Stars



Seth Pulver


Cherry Creek, NY

The Barn at Farrington Hollow

7495 Farrington Hollow Rd, Cherry Creek, NY 14723

Our Story

How We Met

Both Seth and Katie went to Silver Creek Central School, separated by graduation and no communication for five years. They finally reconnected when the two of them decided to carpool together; sharing stories, laughs and fun little facts along the way. The two of them realized they were meant to be especially after Seth started helping out with Katie's nephew, and skyping each other when not together.

The Proposal

Katie being a hopeless romantic, and Seth wanting the proposal to be perfect just for her. He decided to plan and communicate with Katie's family, hoping to surprise her on her birthday. Once the festivities were over, Seth led her out to their tent, they talked for quite awhile about how they were meant to be and Seth wanted to be with her forever... He proposed, ring box upside down and laughs being brought out with tears of joy. Seth provided Katie the best "Will you marry me" Speech that Katie would never forget. Leaving the two of them to plan this beautiful wedding together, and enjoying the adventures of being engaged... Taking their next step into their journey together forever.