Michelle & David

Our Next Chapter

Michelle Provost
David Reimer

Jul 5th, 2025

At Brookledge

Middle Grove, New York


7177 Antioch Road

Middle Grove NY, 12850

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Our Story

How We Met

We met in gym class during our junior year at Windsor High School, way back in the 1900’s. We used to sit in the outfield during the baseball games and just talk and talk. Then by the time summer came, we started staying up all night talking (one day we were still sitting in the driveway talking when the sun came up and the mail man came!) Senior year was a lot of fun and the summer after graduation we went to Woodstock ’94 together before heading off into the reality of adulting.

Life then took us on a detour in two different directions, to upstate NY and Louisiana. In High School we had talked about getting married and having 6 kids, and much to our surprise, we found our way back to each other, this time with our 6 teenagers (including our two sets of twins plus two more!)

We are thankful for all of the experiences and life lessons that we learned along the way. We even appreciate all of the challenges that helped us grow into who we are today. And it turns out that what we had thought were huge obstacles, ended up bringing us back together for this next, best part, of our journey together.

These days you will find us talking on the phone for hours and driving 6 hours between New York and Pennsylvania to see each other every chance we get.

The Proposal

Dave put so much thought and care into designing a custom ring that would go well with the emerald promise ring that he gave Michelle in 1994. This new green sapphire ring is all brilliant sparkles and rainbows to represent the shiny new life that we are creating together. The ring even has 6 prongs holding the main stone, which is symbolic of how important it was that all 6 kids be a part of the proposal and give their blessing to the union. It was not easy to get everyone together since the kids live in 4 different cities! Somehow despite all the extra challenges, we pulled it off, and Dave got all the kids dressed up (bribed with promises to go out to a nice dinner together after) and standing across the backyard at dusk holding brightly lit signs saying “Marry Me” while he got down on one knee and made Michelle cry.