Kerri & Philippe

We’re Getting Married!





Ponchatoula, LA

(Stinky Mud Photography)

Strawberry Manor

1690 Veterans Ave, Ponchatoula, LA 70454

Our Story

How We Met

We were both working at Ross Downing Chevrolet in Hammond, LA. Periodically we would cross paths but never really talked. A couple friends from work had asked if I wanted to meet them for some drinks. I was getting ready to head there, but then no one could make it. That same night, Phil sent me a Star Wars video on Messenger. I asked what he was doing. Then we met up at Red White & Brew in Hammond. We were on ever since.

The Proposal

Five years later, we were celebrating our "first date" with dinner at Tope la in Hammond. Then we walked to Cate Square Park where Phil proposed. We finished the night with a drink at Red White & Brew.