Leah & Jordan

The Future Pytlaks

Leah Wacienga
Jordan Pytlak

Dec 9th, 2023

At The Legacy on Eighteenmile Creek

Hamburg, New York

The Legacy on Eighteenmile Creek

6653 Taylor Rd

Hamburg NY, 14075

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Our Story

How We Met

Our love story began with a COVID Pandemic... and a Blueberry Tarte! Jordan and I began following each other on Instagram randomly due to some mutual friends, where he "slid into my DM's" when I posted a blueberry lemon tarte I made for Mother's Day. After some texting & back and forth, we scheduled our first date (patio drinks @ my house since COVID had the world shut down!). He hopped out of his truck with 2 bottles of wine & I knew I was hooked! Even text my mom after he left, "I'm going to marry this guy, I just know it". We got engaged 2 years later from our first date. :)

The Proposal

We planned a little weekend get away to Niagara on the Lake for our 2-year first date anniversary. It's the first time we had ever been, so aside from a list of some wineries we wanted to visit, we had no set plans. We started the day at Pellar Estates, had a few glasses of wine & headed to Two Sisters Winery next door. As we walked through the doors, Jordan headed straight to the counter & said "reservation for Pytlak". I was already so excited to be spending our dating anniversary somewhere cute, but this man thought to make a reservation to celebrate our special day?! Amazing. We were escorted to a patio table with a gorgeous view of the vineyard, where our own personal Sommelier came over to introduce himself. He mentioned how we had the "premier package & could do as many tastings as we'd like". Again... my mind immediately went to "this man is amazing, what a great anniversary surprise". We had several tastings, when the Sommelier said how the vineyard just released a brand new wine & he would like us to have our own personal bottle to taste and share together. I responded "oh my goodness Jord, what are the odds! How exciting!". He brought over a black bag with a bottle in it and set it in front of me. The next few moments were an absolute blur. Jordan was getting up, I was reading the ingredient label on the bottle, not understanding what was happening. He started saying the most beautiful things RANDOMLY then I saw him get down on one knee and finally saw the wine bottle label that said "Will You Marry Me?". And the rest is history. :) We plan to head down to Niagara on the Lake this weekend every year to celebrate & revisit Two Sisters Winery and our favorite Sommelier, Diedre!