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May 11th, 2024

Rustic Oaks

12155 3rd St S

Moorhead MN, 56560

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Our Story

How We Met

We've actually known each other for years! We both grew up attending St. John Lutheran Church in Dickinson, and went to the same youth group in high school! We even went on two mission trips together. First, to Belize my freshman year and Danny's Junior year, and then to Spokane, WA the next summer. We are actually next to each other in BOTH group photos from those mission trips! We both went to Fargo, ND after high school, but never crossed paths until around 2014 when I was back in Dickinson. I became friends with one of Danny's long time friends, and whenever Dan would come back to visit, we'd all get together! Eventually he moved back to Dickinson also, and we'd sometimes run into each other when mutual friends would get together. Danny loves to tell people that I hit on him at a funeral, and that's how we got together. That's not 100% true, but at our mutual friend's dad's memorial, I did tell him to text me to hang out sometime, and about a week later he did! We've been inseparable ever since!

The Proposal

We had mutually agreed that they wouldn't get engaged until 1) we'd been living together for close to a year, and 2) we had been dating for more than a year. Well, about two months after living together, and 10 days before our one year anniversary, it happened! We had gone out with some friends to celebrate the Fourth of July weekend festivities, and when we got home, all I wanted was some milk and cookies. I couldn't find my cookies, though, because Danny had eaten them. So I did what any girl would do, and made it clear that Dan was in the dog house and I went to bed without him. After taking what felt like twenty years to eat a snack and come to bed, Dan asked if we could talk. I was positive he was going to break up with me for being such a brat about cookies, but he instead got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Of course I said yes and now here we are!