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August 19th, 2023

The Legacy on Eighteenmile Creek

6653 Taylor Rd

Hamburg NY, 14075

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Our Story

The Proposal

Andrew was in Sweden for 4 month due to work before having the month of July home in Buffalo. During the month we were jammed packed with seeing family/ friends and all of sudden there was only 3 days left before he had to return to Sweden. Andrew had secretly asked my parents for their blessing and we were planning a “going away” dinner for Andrew with both our families. Andrew had asked me to go for a ride on the side by side and I was slightly suspicious. My gut feeling was correct because as we were walking to the garage, I looked and saw a ring box-like outline in Andrew’s pocket. After driving through the fields, Andrew pulled up to the pond and I knew that it was finally happening. He played it off as going to look at the fish but as soon as my back turned to him, he got down on his knee. I turned around to find him holding the ring box UPSIDE DOWN and he giggled his way through the proposal. I don’t even remember saying yes but we laughed, I cried, and we hugged. We drove back to the house and his mom had bouquets of flowers waiting for me. The rest of our families arrived and we celebrated together as two families becoming one.

Sidenote- Afterward I asked him why he was giggling and he said he was laughing to keep from crying 😍