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January 14th, 2024

Texas Rock House

3207 Hunter Road

San Marcos TX, 78666

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Our Story

How We Met

We met on a popular dating app (shout-out Hinge) and very quickly realized that we had something special. Jon was finishing his summer at Younglife's Wilderness Ranch in Colorado when we first matched and we messaged daily till Jon came home a day early for our first date. That first date was 8 hours, and despite living in different cities, we saw each other almost every night the next few weeks. We continued dating long distance for several months before Jon spent another summer at Wilderness Ranch.

The Proposal

Nicole went up to Colorado to visit Jon at Wilderness Ranch for a week. Jon whisked Nicole away one morning for a drive up to the top of Bristolhead, a mountain nearby. On the drive up the weather started rolling in and we were surrounded by storm clouds. Everything was going smoothly until we hit a rough four-wheel drive section and Jon's check engine light came on. We decided not to risk continuing, and that the open field we had just passed was a good spot to stop so we turned around. Nicole was completely oblivious to what was going on until another person started driving up towards us and she realized it was their friend Chris from camp. We got out of the truck, ran to the middle of the field, watched the storms on the horizon, and Jon proposed.