Natasha & Ross

Better Together

Natasha Shirk
Ross Dock

Oct 28th, 2023

At Laurel Lodge Events

Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania

Laurel Lodge Events

177 Camp Laurel Rd

Mifflinburg PA, 17844

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Our Story

How We Met

Back when Ross was 4 years old and I was 3 years old we attended the same Preschool. Everyday after school we would hug each other goodbye. Little did we know in the future we would be getting married 27 years later!

The Proposal

At my 30th Birthday I was given a cupcake that had 30 candles on it. You can imagine how hard it was for me to keep it from burning me and also blow out all these candles. As I was finishing up on my last candle someone had said my name and as I turned around Ross was on one knee and asked me “Will you?” I replied “You did not ask me a question.” To which he replied “Will you marry me?” And here we are getting married!