Matthew & Heather

We’re Getting Married!



Heather Spall


Newport, WA

Grand Pend Oreille

6201 Le Clerc Road South , Newport, WA 99156

Our Story

How We Met

We grew up together, we first met on the Cheney Hurricane swim team. After graduating college Matt moved to the West Coast to work in the Department of Corrections, while Heather joined the National Guard to help pay for college. After four years apart we reconnected on one of Matt's vacations back home and started dating shortly afterward. After a few months, Heather adopted a lonely Karelian bear dog, who didn't like strangers, after about a week of not being allowed to leave the couch she finally warmed up to Matt and allowed him to be a part of her family.

The Proposal

The first proposal was sabotaged by our Golden Retriever who thought jumping into the Swan Pond in 20-degree weather was a wonderful chance at a swim. We've never seen a Golden go from pure joy to instant regret so quickly. A few days later, we managed to avoid the pond with our golden dry. We found a nice location looking over the Rose Garden. Again, the Golden made his best efforts to sabotage and tackled me while I got the ring out.