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November 11th, 2023

Chimney Pond Farm

240 Chimney Pond Rd

Glenville NC, 28736

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Our Story

How We Met

How does any good love story start in the twenty-first century, post COVID, as two individual who travel for work and started on opposite sides of the country? In the era of social media, social stigmas, and social distancing? Well, a dating app of course!

After a couple weeks of casual conversation TJ was convinced that Katy might lure him into a date to ultimately harvest his organs (a girl's gotta pay the bills) and Katy wasn't convinced TJ would show up. Joking aside, they agreed a public coffee date would be a good start. After concern for safety was resolved TJ agreed to show off his cooking skills. Little did they know at the time it would be the start of a never ending pursuit of the perfect steak! Five hours later, without a lull in conversation, they'd covered about any and every topic of conversation. Katy's favorite early memory, when asking TJ if he wanted kids (no time to beat around the bush), he responds, "I've never pictured myself having kids and I honestly can't even say I've ever pictured myself married."

March to March, exactly a year to the month, and TJ decided he could picture himself married, or maybe just that Katy was too persistent. THEN...what they originally envisioned as a picture perfect Fall of 2024 wedding just wasn't meant to be and the military came calling. Enter a picture perfect-er Fall of 2023 wedding and an incredible day that they are so excited to share with you all!

The Proposal

From day one Katy promised TJ he'd never be able to surprise her with a they say, women know all. TJ was deployed the entire month of February and upon returning home they planned a secret getaway skiing in Vermont. Magically they landed there on a weekend with non stop fresh snow! Little did Katy know the entire weekend TJ had a ring burning a hole in his snowpants pocket with a plan to propose during their first night-ski, illuminated by a Vermont mountain sunset. When they showed up at the mountain that afternoon and it was closed for the day, TJ adjusted his proposal plans for the following day. That last day of their trip and second ride down a slope on Stowe Mountain Katy wiped out. After five tedious hours, which included a toboggan ride down the mountain, an ambulance ride to the hospital, and a reset shoulder, Katy was on the road to recovery and they were on their way back to the AirBnB.

During the hour ride back to the AirBnB, TJ was insistent on helping Katy out of the car, while all she could think about was using the restroom. Upon arriving, TJ rounded the car to help, and Katy cautiously climbed out, ready to rush inside. To her initial dismay, TJ was in the way- a moment of frustration turned into elation as she realized why he was on one knee-he'd accomplished a surprise! Not the surprise either of them envisioned or planned, but in hindsight, he explained, he couldn't let anything else happen before proposing and to Katy this would become a testament to "in sickness and in health."