Molinda & Elijah

We’re Getting Married!





East Haddam, CT

Photo Credit: Studio TEN9TEN

Smith Farm Gardens

at Smith Garden Farms

60 Smith Road, East Haddam, CT 06423

Our Story

How We Met

We were neighbors, best friends, and here we are now eight years later getting married. Who knew one walk down the street would turn into a walk of a lifetime.

The Proposal

After a year of spending every moment together, there was no doubt in our minds we both wanted to be together. There was no fancy box or dozens and dozens of roses, or flash dancers. Just two insanely in love 18 year old kids having an unforgettable dinner, and a moment that was far too good to pass up. Eli could barely fit his hands inside his pocket before yanking out a beautiful ring, and he could see from the look on my face that the answer to his question was a crystal clear yes! I was ecstatic, speechless, and grinning so hard that tears formed. A moment that we will truly hold in our heart’s forever.