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October 5th, 2024

Old Carter Barn

235 Shore Drive

Tunkhannock PA, 18657

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Our Story

How We Met

Would you think from Shoprite cashiers to wedding bells! Frankie and Michelle met at the local grocery store as cashiers and soon after they met they knew something was special. Michelle was a brand new cashier one weekend and Frankie happen to be working. Michelle was put on with Frankie to train her. Frankie was teaching her everything he knew while also trying to be sly and witty. Frankie really turned on the charm while trying to get to know Michelle that day. As the weeks passed, with Michelle now being a fully trained cashier, they were now working together more on the weekends. Frankie was curious about Michelle and wanted to get her number without being suspicious, so he asked her for it as a work contact. You know, "If you need a shift covered or something." Michelle thinking nothing of it said, "Sure." The rest is history!

The Proposal

Frankie knew that Michelle was the one long before popping the question. The proposal came as a shock to no one...but Michelle. They were going away for their 6 year anniversary. (Yes, you read that correct, SIX years.) Frankie wanted to go down to Cape May...in October. Michelle was very reluctant to go down the shore in October because after all its October. She was thinking more mountains, fall foliage, apples! Little did Michelle know the photographer was already booked and planned to be in Cape May. So they got ready to go away for the weekend. Frankie wanted Michelle to get her hair done, "for our anniversary dinner." Last minute, Frankie mentions how she should also get her nails done..... So everything gets done and they make their way down. They hop onto the beach to take a little walk and Frankie runs in front of Michelle to a beautiful beach set up gets down on one knee and there you have it folks, Michelle was bamboozled. Michelle didn't suspect a thing... Good job Frankie!