Michele & Anthony

We do. We did. We’re married ! Time to celebrate xo





South Sterling, PA

Photo by @foxandharephoto

Wallenpaupack Creek Farm

674 S Sterling Rd, South Sterling, PA 18460

Our Story

How We Met

The day I moved into my new apartment in Mahwah, I signed back into my bumble dating app and reset my new location, increased and decreased my age limit in hopes to get some better candidates. BOOM, I matched with Anthony who ironically just moved back home from Florida the same time I moved into my place and lived less than a mile from me! A right person, right place, right time, kind of situation. It was shortly after speaking with each other that he asked me on date. I said to my mom “I’m going to marry this guy, he loves chicken parm, has a black lab mix, and loves Luke Combs”. Here we are two years later, all we eat is chicken parm, we have two black labs, and we met Luke Combs ! We had our first date at BJs Brewhouse where it all stared. I knew that night that I wanted this forever. I never understood the whole “when you know you know” until then.We started building a life together from that point. From giving me a deadline that we had watch all the marvel movies and shows in timeline order before the new Spider-Man movie came out, to moving in, parenting our mini farm of dogs and cats together, traveling, going to concerts, and finding the best friendship in someone that
we want to spend the rest of our lives with. Our end goal was never in question, it was us from the moment we swiped right. Our commitment to each other and genuine connection is something we treasure and embrace. We spontaneously pulled together a courthouse wedding in three days with just our immediate family who could make it and became one again on the same day as our dating anniversary. We’re romantic and cheesy like that haha! So now we want to celebrate our love with all people that have shaped us into the people that we are that led us to each other. We can’t wait xoxo

The Proposal

What was supposed to be a magical day at the lantern festival where Anthony had his incredible plan to get down on one knee as the lanterns were floating up into the sky, turned into a torrential downpour and storm which cancelled the event and has us drenched. The next day we had our venue tours booked. Our first stop, Wallenpaupack Creek Farm. We fell in love as soon as we got out of the car. We were sold and know meant to be when we see it. Our guide left us for a moment and he said, is this the place? Because I don’t even want to look anywhere else. I agreed and he said okay then and got down on his knee. Everything about our story together is destined to be the way it happens and not the way we plan. It was the most perfect moment and makes the farm that much more special to us, and now we get to have our loved ones experience the same magic here that we did that day. We are true believers in everything happens for a reason and when it’s supposed to.