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October 21st, 2023

The Victor

210 W Harrison Ave.

Guthrie OK, 73044

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Our Story

How We Met

Our first date was at a sushi spot in Oklahoma City. Melissa was a little nervous having only eaten sushi once before and mistaking wasabi for avocado spread. Jason was polite, charming, funny, and handsome.

That night we really clicked. We laughed a lot while sharing pictures, jokes and stories. It was a beautiful night that really kicked everything off for us.

Throughout our relationship, we've found so many little moments which seem to tie the past together with the present - weaving another little piece of our lives together.

It has been awhile since our first sushi date, and since then we've held on tight to each other through some of the most intense things we've experienced.

All the while, we're dreaming big, laughing a lot, and enjoying every minute we have together.

The Proposal

We got engaged in April 2020 - about a month into COVID lockdowns. Jason was living in the Dallas area, and Melissa was still in Oklahoma City.

One weekend in April, Jason broke COVID lockdown rules and drove to OKC and surprised Melissa with the most beautiful proposal.

It was such an incredible moment for us - definitely the brightest of lights in a very dark time.