Quinton & Krishele

Better Together

Quinton Massey
Krishele Wilson

Nov 16th, 2024

At Big Red Barn Events

Plant City, Florida

Big Red Barn Events

4816 Deshong Dr.

Plant City FL, 33565

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Our Story

How We Met

Though we are unsure of the exact date we both "swiped right", we starting talking on Tinder (Dating app) 08.12.2019.
Our first date was 08.23.2019. He cooked me dinner (Steak, Corn, Broccoli). Over dinner we spoke about life, death and everything in between. The next day he asked me to be "his steady", we've been cruising this life together ever since!

The Proposal

Quinton managed (with a little help) to get the family (minus Kodey & Sydney-as they were on their honeymoon) together at my moms house.
They all decided to allow the kids to have a scavenger hunt. Little did I know, they all were in on it. (Kids included)
The item to find was a small silver cow. Whomever found this cow was supposed to stand there until I walked over.
Kambree (the oldest) found the cow, and called me over. On the slab of concrete were the words "will u marry me?" (In Kambrees' handwriting).
As I look over, there Quinton is, knelt down with the ring in his hand. As he started to tear, he asked "Will you marry me?"
I of course said "Yes"!
*I wanted to add, he asked for my dad (Glenn) to make a special box for it to go in. Which he completed, and will be cherished forever!