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September 23rd, 2023

The Barn at Farrington Hollow

7495 Farrington Hollow Rd

Cherry Creek NY, 14723

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Our Story

How We Met

Thanks to modern technology, Mary-Kate and Bryan met in 2019 at La Davina Tacos in Kenmore, NY. Life's travels took them to different parts of the country, yet they continued to stay in touch, and soon a relationship developed. Mary-Kate loved how hardworking, driven, respectful, sincere and loving Bryan was. Bryan thought Mary-Kate was beautiful, kind, family-oriented, caring and compassionate. Their relationship thrived with commitments to travel and see each other once a month, despite the 500+ mile distance between them. They built memories through trips to southern states and cities such as Charleston, Savannah, Asheville, and Tennessee. Two years later, Mary-Kate moved back home from Charlotte, NC and the two began living together. With their lives becoming ever more connected, the couple planned a trip to Virginia with a unique surprise awaiting.

The Proposal

Mary-Kate was visiting Bryan's family for Thanksgiving in Virginia, however, she didn't know all of the details of the trip. That Friday, similar to the year before, the family took a trip to the mountains, but this one would have an even better outcome. With the sun setting over the Appalachian mountain range, Bryan proposed to Mary-Kate on the Black Rock Summit, with the words, "I always said I know what I would have in you, and now that I know, I want it forever."