Jonathan & Makayla

Always & Forever

Jonathan Buick
Makayla Burgess

Aug 5th, 2023

At The Cabins on Strawberry Hill

Strawberry, Arizona

The Cabins on Strawberry Hill

5306 N. Highway 87

Strawberry AZ, 85544

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Our Story

How We Met

Jonny and I met when I was 14 and he was 15. I was the boy's basketball manager at my high-school in Phoenix and we were playing Jonny’s school in Tucson. Before the game started I went to refill my water and ran into Jonny in the hall. We talked for a few minutes and he asked me for my Snapchat. After giving it to him we parted ways for the remainder of the game and then I went back home to Phoenix.
We kept in touch through Snapchat, texts, and FaceTimes over the years. When I finally moved to Tucson for college in 2018, Jonny and I started hanging out right away. It only took 2 months of me living there for him to ask me out, and we have been together ever since.

The Proposal

Jon took me up to Reddington Pass in Tucson, which is where we had our very first date back in 2018. He told me to get all dolled up since we hadn’t had a date night in a while and even bought me nails to wear. We borrowed his moms car and made our way up to Reddington for the first time in 2 years. When we arrived, Jon found a spot and backed in. I immediately got out and started looking at the view. The sunset was so beautiful the sky looked like it was on fire. We talked and hung out for a while and the sky became even more beautiful. I got up to take a video and when I turned around he was on one knee with the ring out and ready.
(Jonny’s side note: When i asked Makayla if she would marry me, she was so taken back all she could do was nod her head. But that was not good enough for me. I needed a yes or a no so I told Makayla that I was going to stay down on my knee until she gave me a real answer. So after some moments of silence, and a lot of pain in my knee, she realized it was really happening and finally said “yes”).
The rest of the night from that moment on felt like a dream and we are excited for forever! #HereCometheBuicks