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July 27th, 2024

Outback Ranch Event Center

7750 TT RD

Houston MN, 55943

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Our Story

How We Met

Garett and Mackinzie met in college, the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. Mackinzie's freshman year they had the same friend group and were always at the same functions together. Garett tried to get Mackinzie to go out with him as payment for fixing her desk light but she kept saying no, until she finally gave in and said yes. They hit it off at their first date, and 7 years later here we finally are.

The Proposal

Mackinzie and Garett took a trip to the Apostle Islands in October of 2022. Unbenounced to Mackinzie, Garett had a ring and a plan.
They spent a day hiking and exploring Madeline Island, thats where Garett proposed. They were hiking along the shoreline when Garett stopped to "tie his shoe", getting annoyed Mackinzie turned around and walked away because she didn't want to wait for him. When she turned back around he was standing holding the ring with a question on his lips...