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September 26th, 2025

Rock Island Lake Club

485 Glen Road

Sparta Township NJ, 07871

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Our Story

How We Met

July 20, 2020 will forever be considered, “The Best Day Ever”. Cameron and Katelyn met down by the docks of Nyack, NY. Cameron was working for Nyack Boat Charter as a part-time captain and Fliteboard Instructor when he and his boss decided to take a personal day because business was doing so well. They had invited their friend who Cameron’s boss at the time was trying to get to know more. She also invited a friend along with her, who happened to be Katelyn. The four of them spent the day bouncing back and forth across the Hudson River on the company’s speed boat from listening to music in the shallow waters of “The Cove” to bonding over cocktails at the Hudson Water Club. There was obviously an attraction between the two and it grew as the day carried. The day was in fact perfect, with skies so clear it made the river seem as vast as the ocean. It was a day they did not want to end, but it had to. Once the sun had completely set, Cameron and Katelyn found themselves on the bow of the company’s sail boat with a view of the moon and the Tappan Zee Bridge. Exchanging stories and laughter, the connection between them was not only evident but also hopeful. They knew it wasn’t going to be the last time they shared a day such as that. But it wasn’t time. They parted ways and left it at that until almost a year later when they saw each other again on St. Patrick’s Day and their spark rekindled. It was time. And so began Cam and Kate.

The Proposal

On the morning of July 26, 2023, the couple boarded a flight to Jamaica to what Katelyn thought was going to be a summer vacation. Cam had plans of it being more than just that as he had been holding on to her engagement ring the entire flight. However, things took an unexpected turn. Cam was promptly asked to deplane and taken to immigration where officials advised his passport had been reported lost or stolen years prior and he would not be let into the country. With nothing else left to do, Cam and Kate boarded the same plane back home to NJ. The entire time all Cam was thinking of was "my proposal is ruined" while Kate had no idea and just thought "our well deserved vacation is ruined". Kate was so upset upon returning home that Cam gave her no option then to go out that night to their favorite restaurant STK downtown and make it up to her. They were able to share some laughs over dinner while Cam had the ring on his lap the entire time awaiting to ask the question of a lifetime. As they left dinner and walked along the cobblestone roads of NYC, Cam proposed to Kate and she without question, said yes.