Elizabeth & Alexander





Gilford, NH

Birch Hill Farm

667 Gilford Ave, Gilford, NH 03249

Our Story

How We Met

Our story began February 5th 2019 at a small cafe called Thinking Cup in downtown Boston. The quaint vibe of a hometown coffee shop wasn't exactly the experience that Tuesday morning. The Patriots had just won the super bowl against Kansas City and the streets of Boston were more packed than a Catholic mass on Easter. Our paths first crossed while waiting in line to order something cheap from the cafe, as that was a prerequisite to using their bathrooms. We were both there with separate groups of friends and Liz took on the bet from one of Alex's buddies to chug a nearby bottle of hot sauce. Which to this day is a surprise considering she was the only sober person in a mile radius and since that moment hasn't eaten hot sauce since. After they exchanged numbers and Alex's hangover wore off, a date was planned to grab some chowder and walk the Plymouth jetty. Both of them hit it off immediately and the rest was history. A couple years later their relationship really came full circle when they both gave their lives to Christ at New Hope Chapel of Plymouth - in the same city where their first date was! To this day Alex and Liz have their roots deep in the soil of Plymouth, spending their days in the location God had initially brought them together.

The Proposal

Alex and Liz were spending the weekend at Alex's family glamping site in Maine enjoying the fall colors and on Sunday, September 24, Alex took Liz on a hike to one of their favorite waterfalls in Maine that they visited two years prior. When they arrived to Angels Falls, Alex got down on one knee and surprised Liz.


Within the two hours they spent enjoying the falls, not one hiker was seen. It was very special.

We are so excited to celebrate with you this fall!